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Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast Charging Travel Charger For Micro


Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has USB 2.0 Power Adapter EP-TA20JWE and Samsung 2.0 Micro USB EP-DG925UWE. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge and more with Micro 11pin.Input availability is 100-240V ~50-60Hz 0.50A and Output availability is 9.0V 1.67A or 5.0V=2.0A S/N R37G. LTE Power Supply Only Original Samsung Galaxy Power Adapter. It is perfect for travel, home and office use. Only Original Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S7 / S7 Edge are compatible with fast charging technology The Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Micro-USB Wall Charger enables rapid recharge on your devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Fast Charging Travel Charger for Type-C


Supports fast charging for even quicker charge times

Experience faster charging speeds than ever before with Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging. Using the built-in technology of your latest Samsung Galaxy phones (including the Note 9) this Official Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger can rapidly recharge your device. No more hanging about, just super quick charging.

Compact design allows you to take it on your travels

The charger itself is very compact which makes it highly portable. Ideal for taking with you on holidays or short trips. When not in use, the central pin can retract, giving the adapter a much slimmer profile for convenient storage.

Includes a genuine Samsung USB-C cable
This product comes with a genuine Samsung USB-C cable for you to use with your USB-C compatible devices.

Fast data transfer speed for accessing and copying files